STC Courses and Instructors

STC offers courses to teachers by teachers.  If you would like to teach a course at STC, we would love to have you.  We are always looking for new current courses that focus on Curriculum, Learning Standards, Technology, Technology Integration in the Classroom, and Classroom Strategies.  All course must address Common Core /Teaching Standards, build skills needed to enhance job performance/student growth and/or address professional leadership.  If you would like to discuss a course idea with our directors please give us a call at 716-649-6775.  To submit a proposal, please click on the form link below. Directions for saving the document so you can email it or work on it a little at a time are below the link.  Return the completed form to STC.  We will begin the process of getting you and your course  approved by our consortium districts for listing in our catalog.
Instructor rate: $50/Hour.

STC PDP Course Proposal & Instructor Form

STC Pop-Up Presenter Application

Please note due to changes in the CTLE requirements, STC will require a CV/Resume from each instructor. This is the last page of the form. Once on file, you need not fill it in unless there are changes to the information.  For more information, you can call the center to speak with one of the Directors.

The Course Approval Form can be filled out on the computer and emailed back to us.
To do this:
When it opens RIGHT CLICK > SAVE AS > ADD YOUR LAST NAME TO THE FILE NAME > Chose the location you want to save the doc.  
Once you save it to your computer it should open in Adobe Reader and allow you to type into it and save your information.  We prefer the forms come to us typed if at all possible.

Proposals will be accepted anytime, however to be included in the published catalog please refer to the timeline below.

Summer Catalog Deadline: May 31st
Fall Catalog Deadline: August 12
Winter/Spring Catalog Deadline: October 31