STC is open at this time.
In an effort to serve our constituents and be mindful of the health and safety
of the school building, we will only be able to accommodate 1 person at a time in the office.
We will be open as follows: 

Monday,Tuesday and Thursday by appointment
You may call (649-6775) or email to set up an appointment time
or simply call before you come to be sure we are in the office and do not have another client in the office.
Open Office hours 10:00AM-4:00PM Starting September 10th

We have created a Walk -Up Window for dropping off/picking up work orders and payments.
Please come to the window to the right of Door#4, look for the yellow sign and knock.
Using the window will help us greatly reduce the number of people entering the building. 

Proper wearing of MASKS are REQUIRED both in the Office and at the Walk-Up Window.
Please remember to wear your mask when coming to visit the Center.  Thank you for helping to keep others safe.  

We may adjust our availability as time goes on.  We hope to return to a full schedule as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Professional Growth Courses
We ask for your patience in regards to Courses.  At this time, we are not able to hold in person trainings.  Although we hope that may change, we are in the process of adapting our tenure required courses to be offered in a distance learning environment.  This will take some time to do, as it was designed for group instruction.  We are also mindful that Teacher Aides in Hamburg also need required courses and we are working to offer those as distance learning as well.  When we have a schedule, we will post it here, send an email through your district email and announce it on Facebook.
We will not have any courses starting prior to October.  Our instructors, like you, are also educators, and like you, are learning to navigate a new way of teaching at this time.
We need to give them time to adjust to their classrooms before asking them to take on adult learning.

If you have any questions please call or email us.  You can also email work requests.  We look forward to serving and supporting you through this upcoming year. 


" Service to all who educate." 
Mission Statement



If you are in a probationary teacher in Frontier or Hamburg in need of one or both 21st Century Thinking Courses for tenure,
please click the survey link to let us know!  With Covid-19 restrictions for face-to-face sessions, we are adapting these for distance learning. 

Your response will help us to plan for and offer these courses to those who require them this year.  



 Policy Board Meeting Dates 2019-2020 are: October 6, December 2, 2020 and February 4, April 20 and May 12, 2021

Dates subject to change as we adjust to new school schedules.  All meetings will be virtual until further notice. 

Teacher Wish List
Let us know how we can help support your professional goals!  Take this brief survey and help us make improvements.


Meet the Staff

Annette Baldwin

Annette Baldwin retired in June of 2018 after teaching Chemistry for 27 years at Frontier High School. For several years, she served as Science Department Chair. Along with Kathy Northway, she is now co-director of the Southtown Teachers’ Center. Annette graduated summa cum laud from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelors’ degree in Science in 1990, and in 1994 she earned her Masters’ degree in Science. As a lifelong learner, Annette continued to take graduate classes and professional development courses during her entire career, and taught courses for the Southtown Teachers’ Center. She is very happy to be working in her new role as co-director at the Teachers’ Center.

Kathy Northway

Kathy Northway taught for 35 years, 25 years at Frontier High School. She retired in June 2018 and along with Annette Baldwin became co-director of the Southtown Teachers’ Center.   She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Education at SUNY Geneseo and Master’s Degree from Buffalo State. Kathy taught Global Studies 10 and served as the Department Chairperson of the Social Studies for Department for twenty years. She also was the Senior Class Advisor and served on many hiring and strategic planning committees. She is very involved and thoroughly enjoying her work here at the teachers center.

Vanessa Rehac
Office Manager

Vanessa first served as a PTA Parent Representative to the STC Policy Board before the opportunity to work with the center in 2002 doing mostly custom design projects for our constituents.   Eventually,Vanessa took over as office manager after the retirement of our secretary.   Her first love remains working with our constituents to custom design materials for the classroom and beyond.  Vanessa also is the proud owner of Sadie, a Certified Therapy Dog through the SPCA Paws for Love Program.  They make visits throughout WNY.  If your school would like a visit, contact her to make arrangements.