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At this time, all pro-growth is on hold. Anything scheduled to happen during the shutdown is cancelled at this time,
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Professional Learning at STC

On this page you will find STC sponsored courses and workshops, National Board Certification Support information and pro-growth opportunities being offered in our community.

All STC Courses, unless otherwise noted, are approved to be submitted for NYS CTLE (Continuing Teacher Leadership Education) and can be used to fulfill the required 100 hrs of PD to maintain Professional Certification.  STC Courses are open to everyone, regardless of district employment. 

Questions? Call 649-6775 or email

General Course Info

You will receive a confirmation email immediately when you register with instructions for payment and cancellation policy.

The fine print:


STC takes checks or credit cards for payment/deposit. Cash is accepted if you cannot use one of the above methods.
Payments will be processed a week before the course begins, after the cancellation period ends.

Course Expectations:
All professional development offered by the Teachers’ Center is eligible for NYS CTLE Credit. To comply with NYS guidelines for PD, you will be asked by the instructor to turn in an artifact as evidence of learning.  The instructor will let let you know what this will be. Artifacts will be kept by STC, you may request a copy be returned to you. 

Attendance is expected to all sessions to receive full credit.  Some course work may not be able to be made up, any possible make-up assignments are at the discretion of the instructor.  If you must miss a session, please let the instructor know prior to the session. 

If your district requires prior approval, please take care of that ASAP.  In the event you are not approved, if notified, we will cancel your registration without penalty.

You will receive a certificate after all paperwork has been turned in from the instructor.

15 Hour Courses -$75 Fee applies to all courses

Exploring Classroom Management for Children with Special Needs
Audience: Teachers and Teacher Aides  Focus areas: Classroom Management, Special Education and/or Technology

Instructor: Kathy Halter
Location: Big Tree Elementary School LMC
Dates: Thursdays, April 30-May 21 (attendance at all sessions required)
Time: 4-7PM
15 Hours- $75.00 fee

Classroom management is an essential part of any classroom. In any given class, you may have students with special needs, students needing to make up work, disruptive students, students without supplies,  and that is on a good day. Anyone can see why people in the classroom go home very tired each day.

This 15 hour workshop will give us a chance to discuss and learn some simple ways to help you get through your day. We will discuss time management, working with behaviors, managing emotions, patterns of behavior and take a quick look at technologies that many classroom teachers are using.

Anticipated learning outcomes:

  • Participants will learn how to manage their own emotions as well as help the students they work with
    on a daily basis.
  • Participants will explore and discuss tips for handling various classroom situations.
  • Participants will explore technology for assisting students in the classroom.



This is a Hybrid class; meaning 12 hours of face-to-face instruction and  3 hours online.  Online work will need to be completed in-between sessions and discussed during the face-to-face time.  You will need to have access to the  Internet and a device (tablet, computer, smartphone…) If this is a barrier, please call STC so we can try to work out a solution. 

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Pop Up Workshop Series Info

STC will be offering this special workshop series as part of the focus on addressing the needs of educators within our school communities. Each three-hour workshop will be eligible for CTLE credit.  This series of programming is free and open to anyone regardless of school affiliation. Workshops require prior registration to attend and a refundable $15 deposit* Please click on the registration button above.

  • You may register for any number of workshops that meet your professional learning needs. You will receive a certificate of completion for each 3 hr workshop.
  • Reminder Notices will be sent 7 days prior. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if it doesn't have enough participants. If the district in which the workshop is being held is closed or cancels afternoon/evening activities, the workshop will be rescheduled.

View STC Deposit/Cancelation Policy

All workshops will run from 4:00-7:00PM at Big Tree Elementary unless otherwise stated


PLEASE NOTE: Pop-Ups do not count towards professional development requirements for Teacher Aides in Hamburg as they are not 15 hour courses. 

Pop Up Workshops
SPRING 2020 Pop Ups

Lisa LaRusso

Google Slides Boot Camp
Learn the basics of Google Slides and beyond! Learn how to create or enhance your presentation skills with the latest tips and tricks in Google Slides.  Did you know that Google Slides is for more than presentations? Get acquainted with some fun tips and tricks that can help you create interactive learning experiences, create images, e-books, insert audio, charts, diagrams and more! 

Using Nearpod and creating lessons to use during instruction
*This workshop requires you to have access to Nearpod in your district. Audience Teachers
Shandra Gallegos
Cloverbank Elementary RM 219
March 31, 2020   4-7PM

During this workshop, we will focus on using Nearpod to enhance instruction.  Nearpod can be used in all subject areas to encourage all students to be active participants during instruction.  While using Nearpod, students will log in with a code to join your lesson.  The entire class will participate at the same time and you can collect data from their responses to use for further instruction.  We will work on creating lessons that you can use in your own classroom.  It might be helpful to bring a few ideas (topics, vocabulary lists, manuals) to use while creating your lessons. 

Teaching with focus in the STEAM Lab  
This is a 5 part workshop series. You may register for any number of the workshops or take all 5 for a full 15 hour course credit. 

This series of 5 workshops serves to help teachers utilize the STEAM resources in their buildings.  We’ve heard from our teachers that they would like to be able to use the STEAM Lab or other resources more effectively for classroom instruction.  We will break each session down to look at the STEAM resources through the lens of each of the components; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  The sessions will be hands-on and give participants time to work with various materials and get a feel for how they can effectively be used under each focus area.  Workshops will take place in the FRONTIER STEAM LAB, but content can be transferred to any classroom.  Some of the items may be available through BOCES for lending.  Most appropriate for grades K-5. 

Workshop descriptions below

STEAM Lab Focus on Science
Elaine Turner, Big Tree Elementary STEAM Lab   4-7PM   Tuesday, April 7

This workshop will walk educators through a Frontier CSD STEAM lab highlighting resources that can be used to enhance science curriculum and allowing educators the opportunity to develop their science content is current educational trends and resources.

The “T” in STEAM, Technology
Lisa Wolski, Pinehurst Elementary STEAM Lab 4-7PM  Tuesday, April 21

Learn what your building has to offer and your STEAM lab connected to technology. We will explore AR Globes, Code-a Mouse or other types (or other types of coding activities)  and MERGE Cubes. 

Storybook Engineering
Elizabeth Kick, Big Tree Elementary STEAM Lab 4-7PM Monday, April 27

This session focuses on the EN steam. Storybook engineer and use his stories to engage children in building to solve problems that characters may have faced.  We will focus on a variety of picture books that may be used in grades K -5. Participants will use a variety of materials you may already have in your classroom, as well as materials found in your STEAM lab. Feel free to email me with books in your curriculum, and I will make sure to include activities to a company requested.

The “A” in STEAM; the Arts
Laura Glista, Pinehurst Elementary STEAM Lab 4-7Pm Tuesday, May 5

Learn about ways to incorporate the “A” in your classroom, as it connects all the parts of STEAM. Open up the possibilities of creative challenges and thinking using technology, we purchased materials and more… (no artistic skills required)

STEAM Lab Focus on Elementary Math
Ann Forney, Big Tree Elementary STEAM Lab Tuesday, May 12

Have you ever wondered what is inside the STEAM lab that ties to your mathematics instruction? In this workshop he will learn about what the steam lab has to offer to support students in many ways… to help support those who are struggling and also to enrich.  Problem solving is a key element in all the materials, along with a variety of Math-based skills. Come learn through play!

Other Pro-Growth Opportunities

We are happy to share opportunities for professional development from other teacher centers in the Far West Network as well as from community partners. 

These course are not sponsored by STC. Registration link are provided with the descriptions. 



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