Professional Learning at STC

On this page you will find STC sponsored courses and workshops, and pro-growth opportunities being offered in our community.

All STC Courses, unless otherwise noted, are approved to be submitted for NYS CTLE (Continuing Teacher Leadership Education)
and can be used to fulfill the required hours of PD to maintain Professional Certification.
STC Courses are open to everyone, regardless of district employment. 

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Please note, for online learning sessions, in order for STC to grant credit for the course and issue a certificate of completion, your camera must be enabled for the duration of the Synchronous Sessions and you must be visible to the instructor.  This applies to all online courses offered by STC.  All asynchronous work is expected to be completed by the scheduled due date, as these assignments are often reviewed/shared in the next session.

For full descriptions of courses/workshops currently being offered click here -> STC Winter Courses 24
 Frontier and Hamburg faculty and staff will be notified of new Pro-Growth offerings directly through their school email.  Registration link for each course is found after the dates/instructor.

For the 2023-24 there will be a $1.00 per credit hour fee ($15 for a 15 Hour Course)
Cancellation:  In deference to our instructors and their prep time, if you must withdraw, please do at least 5 days prior to the first session  If you do not inform us of your withdrawal, you may be billed a late cancellation fee of $15

District Approval: Please take care of any required prior approvals using your district's procedure. We do not process prior approvals for stipends or professional credit.



STC Winter Courses 24 Full Descriptions

Note all courses are 15 hours and are offered in a hybrid format of synchronous online face-to-face meetings and asynchronous assigned work.  All course are PD/CTLE eligible. 

Understanding Learning
January 10-Feb 7  4:15-5:45PM
L. Glista/ L. Sullivan

Special Ed Toolkit for Teacher Aides
Special Ed and Classroom Management focus areas
January 10-February 7  4:30-5:30PM
J. Dollendorf

Shifting the Balance Book Studies (2 sessions by grade level)
January 11-Feb 15 (6 Sessions)

PreK-2 4:15-5:15PM
Grade 3-6 5:30-6:30PM
M. Kochan

The Kids We Lose
January 9-Feb 6  4:15-5:45PM
A. Baldwin/ K. Northway

Compassion Toolkit: Well-being for Educators
January 17-February 14  5:00-6:00PM

M. Karl

Effective and Engaging Technology Based Strategies
January 11-Feb 8  4:15-5:15PM
A. Sausner

Creating a Visible Learning Classroom
February 29-March 28 4:15-5:15PM
A. Sausner

Atomic Habit Book Study (James Clear) 
February 27 5-6:30PM
March 12-19 5:00-6:00PM
March 26 5:6:30PM
M. Karl

Deciphering Danielson's Domains
February 29-March 28 4:30-6:30PM
A. Chandler

What Happened to You Book Study
Feb 26-Mar 25 4:15-5:15


Other Pro-Growth Opportunities

We are happy to share opportunities for professional development from other teacher centers in the Far West Network as well as from community partners. 

These course are not sponsored by STC. Registration link are provided with the descriptions.