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On this page you will find STC sponsored courses and workshops, National Board Certification Support information and pro-growth opportunities being offered in our community.

All STC Courses, unless otherwise noted, are approved to be submitted for NYS CTLE (Continuing Teacher Leadership Education) and can be used to fulfill the required 100 hrs of PD to maintain Professional Certification.  STC Courses are open to everyone, regardless of district employment. 

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General Course Info

You will receive a confirmation email immediately when you register with instructions for payment and cancellation policy.

The fine print:


STC takes checks or credit cards for payment/deposit. Cash is accepted if you cannot use one of the above methods.
Payments will be processed a week before the course begins, after the cancellation period ends.

Course Expectations:
All professional development offered by the Teachers’ Center is eligible for NYS CTLE Credit. To comply with NYS guidelines for PD, you will be asked by the instructor to turn in an artifact as evidence of learning.  The instructor will let let you know what this will be. Artifacts will be kept by STC, you may request a copy be returned to you. 

Attendance is expected to all sessions to receive full credit.  Some course work may not be able to be made up, any possible make-up assignments are at the discretion of the instructor.  If you must miss a session, please let the instructor know prior to the session. 

If your district requires prior approval, please take care of that ASAP.  In the event you are not approved, if notified, we will cancel your registration without penalty.

You will receive a certificate after all paperwork has been turned in from the instructor.

15 Hour Courses -$75 Fee applies to all courses

STC 2019 2020 Course Flyer Printable

Please use our online reservation to reserve your spot in a course.You will receive an email immediately confirming your reservation. Send a copy of that email along with a check for $75 to STC within 7 days to confirm your spot.You may also call in a payment over the phone to the center at 649-6775.You will not be added to the roster until your payment is received.In the event the course fills, you may lose your place for non payment. Some courses have a strict maximum number of participants.

CANCELLED Danielson’s Domains: A Framework for Professional Practice
Instructor: Rachel Kent
Location TBA

This workshop will focus on the development of self-assessment skills in relation to the Danielson Framework for teaching. While focusing on Domain 2 and 3 of the Framework, on the “on stage” aspects of teaching, attendees will gain insight into the teacher evaluation process and strategies to assist students become more independent in the acquisition of learning. By the end of this course, attendees will have amassed a “briefcase” of Common Core and Charlotte Danielson aligned teaching strategies; including strategies to document aspects of Domains 1 and 4 for use as “artifacts”in the APPR process.
Audience: Teachers
Instructional Strategies/Professional Best Practice


6 Creating a Visual Learning Classroom
November 7, 14, 21, December 5 & 12, 2019

Instructor: Addie Sausner
Big Tree LMC4:00-7:00PM

Visible Learning is a ground-breaking concept by education researcher John Hattie that states that learning must be seen and obvious, not assumed. To achieve this, participants will learn how to use learning intentions and success criteria in the classroom to increase student achievement. Teachers will learn about various visible learning strategies that can be used across all content areas. By the end of the course, teachers will have a toolkit of ready to use strategies for learning and engagement.
Audience: Teachers
Instructional Strategies/Professional Best Practice


6 Essential Life Skills for a Calm & Caring Classroom Community
January 30, February 3, 13, 27 and March 5,2020

Instructor: Lisa Sutton
Big Tree LMC4:00-7:00PM

Join me as we explore the 6 life skills kids need to be successful in school and life! Based on information from the book Beyond Behavior Management; The Six Life Skills Children Need by Jenna Bilmes.Let’s support each other as we explore changing our mindset from reacting to behavior to coaching kids along the path to success.
In our struggle to teach CCLS to children who seem to be coming to school less ready to learn than ever, we many times feel overwhelmed by trying to get all of the kids to behave appropriately so we can TEACH! Research has been done that proves many of the methods of rewards and consequences do not have lasting effects on the long term behavior of children.
This course will introduce the six life skills all kids need and what we can do in our classrooms to help kids develop these skills. The instructor’s goal is for the participants of this class to walk away feeling inspired and rejuvenated in their desire to help kids learn the life skills necessary for success in school and life. Participants will gain knowledge and experience as they implement the ideas in their classrooms.
Audience: Teachers, Teacher Aides, SRP and Administrators
Classroom Management/ Special Education/ Professional Best Practice

21st Century Thinking: Understanding Learning 
March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 2020

Instructors: Lynn Sullivan and Laura Glists  Pinehurst Elementary Rm 158

Learn about in depth thinking strategies to maximize student learning potential. The course will investigate best practice as well as user-friendly strategies to create 21st century problem solvers. Become a facilitator in student learning by empowering them in the learning process. 21st Century Thinking: Understanding Learning is a course based on the foundation and sound research of the Dimensions of Learning model while integrating strategies and technology available for instruction in our ever changing classrooms. These “tools” provide innovation and application for engaging students across grade levels and content areas to increase student achievement; not only for today but to develop the skills they will need in the 21st century. Materials presented will promote intentional planning for using the Habits of Mind in critical, creative and self-regulated thinking skills within learning experiences. Participants will be able to adapt and use strategies and technology options back in the respective classrooms/content areas as they will have taken on the role of learner during the class, actively using these tools, sharing application possibilities with peers and planning for their own learning experiences.
Audience: Teachers.This is the second tenure required course in Frontier and can be taken to complete tenure requirements of PD in Hamburg.This is course not applicable to Teacher Aides.
Classroom Management/ Instructional Strategies. 

Pop Up Workshop Series Info

STC will be offering this special workshop series as part of the focus on addressing the needs of educators within our school communities. Each three-hour workshop will be eligible for CTLE credit.  This series of programming is free and open to anyone regardless of school affiliation. Workshops require prior registration to attend and a refundable $15 deposit* Please click on the registration button above.

  • You may register for any number of workshops that meet your professional learning needs. You will receive a certificate of completion for each 3 hr workshop.
  • Reminder Notices will be sent 7 days prior. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if it doesn't have enough participants. If the district in which the workshop is being held is closed or cancels afternoon/evening activities, the workshop will be rescheduled.

View STC Deposit/Cancelation Policy

All workshops will run from 4:00-7:00PM at Big Tree Elementary unless otherwise stated


PLEASE NOTE: Pop-Ups do not count towards professional development requirements for Teacher Aides in Hamburg as they are not 15 hour courses. 

Pop Up Workshops
Printable Flyer
All workshops held at Big Tree Elementary in the LMC from 4-7PM

Jackie Gow

10 Mindframes for Visible Learning: Teaching for Success

This workshop will be based on the practical guide, 10 Mind -frames for Visible Learning, from John Hattie and Klaus Zierer.
Ten behaviors or mindframes will be defined to maximize student success. How we think about the impact of what we do is more important than what we do!

This workshop is designed for classroom teachers, special educationteachers, literacy and math specialists, and any teacher interested in taking a closer look at how to make a lasting impact on students.

Jackie Gow

Visible Learning for Literacy: Implementing Practices that Work Best to Accelerate Student Learning

This workshop is based on a synthesis of 15 years of research and text by John Hattie, Visible Learning for Literacy.Teachers will affirm literacy practices that ensure student growth and are “visible” to see: their purpose clear, implementation at the right moment in student’s learning, and effect is tangible.

Following this workshop, teachers may want to engage in a book study with colleagues for deeper learning and implementation of practices.

Nicole Dayka & Jillian Accurso

Let’s Talk About Youth Mental Health

We will talk about common mental health challenges that affect our youth. We will talk about depression, anxiety, substance use disorder and mental health issues. Also go over crisis and non-crisis situations that may come up. This workshop will focus on day to day interventions that might arise in various environments. Class will include who to go to for support along with community resources for the everyday person.

Lisa LaRusso
The Quick & Dirty “Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic” Toolbox for Educators

This course will offer some of Kaey Bell’s best strategies to help move your classroom from static teaching to dynamic learning.  This “book study” overview will help you with implementation of using technology in your classroom, provide helpful tips and tricks to help you become dynamic and shake up learning in your classroom.  Participants do not need to own or have read the book, S hake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic, however it may help you get more from the workshop. 

Kim Mattioli

Get Comfortable with Flexible Seating

Flexible seating benefits are profound, due to the fact that the classroom is reorganized to make it more student-centered. This non-traditional style of seating can transform your classroom into a highly functional space where students feel supported and understood. This is an exciting change that any educator can implement in their space, even on a budget, and with the right foundational rule, flexible seating is something that can improve your learning environment. Go ahead, get comfortable with flexible seating and introduce these changes and be ready to see the benefit!
Due to the great response we had last year, we are offering another workshop on this subject

April 09
Lisa LaRusso

Google Slides Boot Camp
Learn the basics of Google Slides and beyond! Learn how to create or enhance your presentation skills with the latest tips and tricks in Google Slides.  Did you know that Google Slides is for more than presentations? Get acquainted with some fun tips and tricks that can help you create interactive learning experiences, create images, e-books, insert audio, charts, diagrams and more! 

Other Pro-Growth Opportunities

We are happy to share opportunities for professional development from other teacher centers in the Far West Network as well as from community partners. 

These course are not sponsored by STC. Registration link are provided with the descriptions. 



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