15 Hour Courses

21st Century Thinking: Creating the Learning Environment (CLE)
Target Audience: Teachers/Social Workers
Tenure Required:  YES in Frontier and Hamburg
Instructors: Laura Glista and Lynn Sullivan
Wednesdays: Sept 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27  Registration deadline September 24th. 
4:00-5:30PM Synchronous Google Meet
Category: Classroom Management/ Instructional Strategies

This updated, research-based course is designed to help teachers establish an orderly and safe classroom environment that makes students feel welcome, accepted and valued; thereby enhancing their learning. Strategies for implementing rules and procedures, building relationships with students, communicating high expectations and using engagement techniques will be the focus of this course. Teachers will learn the most up to date techniques to teach in a way that draws from the past, is rooted in the present while keeping an eye on the future. Each teacher must discover what works best for him or her and make it his/her own.

Week 1: September 29, 2021-Synchronous 4:00PM-5:30PM (Google Meet)
Introduction to a Good Learning Environment, Rules and Procedures, Classroom Layout Asynchronous work due the Sunday prior to the next session (2.5 hours)

Week 2: October 6, 2021-Synchronous 4:00-5:30PM (Google Meet)
Communicating Rules and Procedures, Behavior
Asynchronous work due the Sunday prior to the next session (2.5 hours)

Week 3: October 13, 2021- Synchronous 4:00-5:30PM (Google Meet)
Building Relationships and Communicating High Expectations Asynchronous work due the Sunday prior to the next session (2.5 hours)

Week 4: October 20, 2021-Synchronous 4:00-5:30PM (Google Meet)
Using Engaging Strategies: Creative and Critical Thinking
Asynchronous work and any owed assignments DUE the Sunday prior to the last session (2.5 hours)

Week 5: October 27, 2021-Synchronous 4:00-5:30PM (Google Meet)
Using Engaging Strategies: Critical Thinking and Self-Regulated Thinking and Closing


Effective and Engaging Technology-Based Strategies (ETS)  Register by Sept 27thTarget Audience: Teachers
Tenure Approved: Hamburg (Instructional Strategies category)
Pro-Growth Approved Frontier (not a tenure course)
Instructor: Addie Sausner
Wednesdays: October 6, 13, 20, 27  & November 3  Registration Deadline September 27th
4:00-5:00PM Synchronous Google Meet
Category:Technology/Effective Instructional Strategies

PREREQUISITE: Participants should have a basic working knowledge of the Google Suite for Education. Knowledge of basic use of Docs, Slides, etc.. This course will take those basic skills up to the next level.
Description: Have you seen amazing technology-based lessons online and wondered how they did that? Are you looking for fun and engaging strategies for your learning environment? If so, this course is for you!  During our sessions you will create a technology-based toolkit full of activities the can be applied to cooperative learning, inquiry-based instruction, project-based learning, behavior management, differentiated instruction and more.   *This course addresses the ISTE Standards for both teachers and students.

Week 1 October 6  4:00-5:00 Synchronous
Intro to course -Overview of 21st Century skills for educators and students - Introduce ISTE Standards. “Flipping Out Flipgrid!” Group Instruction on the use of Flipgrid in an educational setting to support student and parent communication.

Week 2 October 13 4:00-5:00 Synchronous
“Bitmoji Classroom” Learn to create a Bitmoji Classroom to promote student engagement across content areas, to foster visible learning, and its application towards differentiated instruction.

Week 3 October 20 4:00-5:00 Synchronous
“Jamming Out with Google Jamboard” Learn about this great Google app in your G-Suite. Learn to use Jamboard and other ways to promote collaborative and project-based learning experiences

Week 4 October 27 4:00-5:00 Synchronous
“Next Level Google Slides” Enhance your teaching and presentation skills with slides that include student choice boards, assessments, interactive learning and behavior management.

Week 5 November 3 4:00-5:00 Synchronous
“Technology and its Uses for Behavior Management and Positive Learning Environment” Post-Course Survey
Presentation of Work Portfolios



Embracing the Amazing (EtA) Register by 10/25
Target Audience: Teachers/Social Workers/Aides
Tenure Required:  NO
Approved Hamburg Teacher Aide Course: Fills Special Education Requirement
Instructors: Kim Mattioli
Tuesdays: November 2, 9. 16. 23, 30
4:30-6:00PM Synchronous Google Meet
Category: Special Education/ Best Professional Practices

According to a CDC data, the rate of children on the Autism Spectrum is as high as 1 in 54. This course will help you to better understand the unique learning needs & behavioral cues of students on the spectrum. With the diagnosis of autism on the rise and the push for the least restrictive learning environment, chances are great for more and more children on the autism spectrum to be mainstreamed into general education classes. This course purposes to provide educators with an overview of the major issues of autism and make them understandable  and  usable, even to those new to spectrum disorders. It will give professionals and paraprofessionals the ability to understand the thinking patterns that guide the actions of people with autism, shape an environment conducive to their learning style, and communicate with them in meaningful ways.  The instructor has a unique opportunity to offer expertise from the perspective of both an educator and a parent of a child on the spectrum.

PREREQUISITE COURSE TO DIFFERENT, NOT LESS! (which will be offered at a later date) 

Week 1-  4:30-6:00 Synchronous Google Meet: An introduction to autism, statistics, signs and symptoms of autism, Asperger's Syndrome. Asynchronous work is due the Sunday prior to the next session (1.5 hours)

Week 2-  4:30-6:00 Synchronous Google Meet:  What parts of the brain are affected by autism, famous people who have ASD and how they've learned to deal with it, discover the great Temple Grandin, and how to develop talents in the individual specialist's brain. Asynchronous work is due the Sunday prior to the next session (1.5 hours)

Week 3-  4:30-6:00 Synchronous Google Meet:  Learn what parents of children on the spectrum want you to know, as well as how to develop a relationship with them in order to make your job easier and their child's education more effective.  Asynchronous work is due the Sunday prior to the next session (1.5 hours)

Week 4-  4:30-6:00 Synchronous Google Meet:  Strategies for working with students on the spectrum, learn how to manage your feelings when working with them, components of a classroom to enhance learning for these unique students, and learn who makes an ideal teacher for those on the spectrum.Asynchronous work is due the Sunday prior to the next session (1.5 hours)

Week 5-  4:30-6:00 Synchronous Google Meet:  An introduction to ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). Discover how it benefits those with autism. Asynchronous work (1.5 hours) is due via reflection journal by Sunday, December 5

REGISTER FOR EtA Here Limited to 12 participants

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