New Course

Engaging Students with Project-Based Learning
Instructor: Amber Chandler, Frontier CSD
January 7-28, 2020 Thursdays FULL
New Slot January 6-27 Wednesdays OPEN
Online: Synchronous/Asynchronous Mix 
Synchronous Sessions from 3:30pm-5:30PM
Project based learning has always been a way to engage students, but with "emergency pandemic teaching”  can we really pull off this kind of learning for our students? The answer is YES! Not only can we pull this off, we can provide our students with the most engaging form of learning possible--authentic, student-centered,  and independent. In this course you'll learn the key elements for successful PBL, you'll also learn how to be a tour-guide for your students on their learning path.
Projected Outcomes:
1) Teachers will create the bones of a PBL unit.
2) Teachers will understand how to support their students during a PBL unit.
3) Teachers will devise a "toolbox" of PBL resources, mainly derived from BIE (using their Gold Standard PBL unit planning.
4) Teachers will share their PBL project idea, thus creating one plan but gaining one from each member of the class.

Slot 1 Jan 7: ( 3:45-5:45 online ) Slot 2 Jan 6: ( 3:45-5:45 online ) Introductions, ice breaker, webinar style instruction on what PBL is, Q and A
Independent Work (2 hours): visit the BIE website ( and sign up) Go to the PBL Project Designer page and look at the three sample projects.
Come to the next class with questions, comments, or "wonderings" about these projects.

Slot 1 Jan 14: ( 3:45-5:45 online)  Slot 2 Jan 13: (3:45-5:45 online) Learn about BAM (burning questions, authentic audiences, and Millennial skills) Sketchnote, etc. an idea that you'd like to try, breakout room brainstorm
|Independent Work (2 hours) : storyboard your BAM for the project you're thinking of
|Gather resources for your students.

Slot 1 Jan 21: (3:45-5:45 online)  Slot 2 Jan 20: (3:45-5:45 online)Learn about mini-lessons and assessing during PBL
Independent Work (2 hours): create a rubric for your project and create a checklist for your project

Slot 1 Jan 28: (3:45-5:45 online)  Slot 2 Jan 27: (3:45-5:45 online)Each participant should come prepared with an i-Movie, Flipgrid, or Slideshow to "wow" us into wanting to do their project. This will be the preview that students will get to the project.
Independent Work ( 1 hour): reflect on how you'd actually use this project, what needs work, and how you'll implement

15 Hrs-CTLE Eligible
$75.00 Fee 
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