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Heidi Backus  PE

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The Southtown Teachers’ Center Policy Board is comprised of Public and Non-Public Teacher, Administrator, PTA Parent, Support Staff, Higher Education and Business Representatives within our consortium of Frontier Central Schools & Hamburg Central Schools.

Meetings will be held at Big Tree Elementary School Room 168. Business Meeting will begin at 12:30PM-Dates on our Home Page

Policy Board Members

Tricia Applegate-Frontier Central Schools*

Julia Bermingham-Frontier Central Schools 

Amber Chandler- Frontier Central Schools-FCTA President*
Lisa LaRusso-Union Alternate

Mary Ann Dates-Hamburg Central Schools*

Colleen Duggan-Frontier Central Schools

Patty Evans-Frontier Central Schools*

Jen Fleming-Frontier Central Schools*

Jen Gall-Frontier Central Schools*

Jackie Gow-Frontier Central Schools*

Katie Grogan – Policy Board Co-Chair – Frontier Central Schools *

Erin Holstein- Policy Board Co-Chair – Hamburg Central Schools*

Megan Insera – Frontier Central Schools*

Anne Ingoldsby-Hamburg Central Schools

Amy Kane-PTA Parent Rep Hamburg Schools

Jamie Knight-Hamburg Central Schools*

Ann McGrath – Saints Peter and Paul School Hamburg*

Dan Meyer- Media Representative-Deputy Press Secretary Office of the County Executive

D. Hattie Strnad- Business Rep

Lynn Sullivan-Hamburg Central Schools*

Kaitlin Sylvester-Hamburg Central Schools

Amy Takacs- Hamburg Schools-HTA Union President

Dr. J. Douglas Stump- St. Bonaventure University 

*teacher member